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Turks & Caicos Diving Holidays

An undiscovered gem in the Caribbean. Discover it before everyone else does!

The Turks & Caicos Islands offer world-class diving and snorkelling all year-round, the islands beckon visitors from all around the world, to enjoy sun-filled relaxation and white sandy beaches. Choose from Provo’s wall diving or the quieter island of Grand Turk where you will have reefs just 5 minutes from your hotels beach. Also don’t miss out on the Whale watching aboard the Aggressor liveaboard in January to March. The reef quality is outstanding an...
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Provo is the more mainstream island and is built up with many facilities including some world class restaurants. Diving wise there are big walls and reefs to see.
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Whale watching (seasonal)
Wall diving
Pelagic fish
Grace Bay beach
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