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Bunaken National park
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Muck diving trips(at Lembeh)
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Manado Diving Holidays

Enjoy the currents and walls at Bunaken. You just never know what you may see here!

Manado is the capital of the North Sulawesi region. There are three main dive areas - The first area is the clear waters of the Bunaken National Marine Park. The incredible steep walls of the park teeming with thousands of different fish species, huge sponges, world-class coral gardens and countless number of fascinating critters are the reasons why this area is award-winning. The second area on the other side of the mainland is Lembeh Strait, and it is kn...
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The Tasik Ria Resort is the perfect hotel for individuals, couples, families and dive groups as it offers paramount comfort, outstanding levels of service and some of the best diving in Indonesia.
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Pelagic Sightings
Bunaken National Park
Wall & reef diving
Muck diving (at Lembeh)
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