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Coral sand beaches
Romantic/Couples diving
Wall/Reef diving
Mandarin fish night dives
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Gangga Island Diving Holidays

A place so beautiful words cannot describe it.

Gangga Island is small island offering a unique opportunity to dive some of the finest Indo-Pacific dive sites. Located at the amalgamation of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, with more than 30 world class diving locations, the island offers a wonderful variety of marine life, fringing reef slopes and pinnacles carpeted in soft corals. It is perfectly situated to access both the North Sulawesi coast and other islands like Lihaga, Tindila, Talisei and Bangka....
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Swimming pool
Gangga Island is a romantic, intimate and majestic resort offering spectacular diving opportunities allowing you to experience diverse marine life from both the Indian and Pacific Ocean.
Special Features
Romantic diving at its best!
Island resort with maximum 30 guests
Private beach with Bali beds
Ideal for couples and non divers
Gangga Divers on-site
Spa/Infinity Pool/Full Board/Bar
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Including flights and transfers
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Dive Package of 24 dives